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Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle

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Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Empty Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle

Message par julien le Jeu 16 Juil 2009 - 22:22

trouvé sur SniperHide
(ps: Liberty Optics n'exporte pas...)
Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle

Mon, 05/04/2009 - 10:25 — Lowlight

TBG 80 from Optolyth with Mil based Reticle.

Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Opt-9
It seems like every week there are constant calls in the forum here
at Sniper's Hide about a spotting scopes with reticle that will match
our rifle scopes. For the longest time the only choices for the US
shooter to get a spotting scope with a reticle built in was from
Leupold in their Tactical Spotter line. At the time you were able to
get that spotter with a Mil Dot reticle and then later from Premier
with a GEN II upgrade. Several years later Zeiss began importing their
Mil Reticle eyepiece into the US for their Sport Optic Spotter the 65
T. It seems strange considering for how long the sniper / spotter
combination has been taught as the standard way of doing business. Yet
there was a huge gap in the market for a spotter with reticle to match
our rifles.
Lately, the market has been trying to fix that buy producing more
and more spotter with either reticles build in or by making eye pieces
available with reticles to be added later.
Enter the Optolyth Opik TBG 80 with a fixed 30X eye piece and mil based reticle.
Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Opt-5
Optolyth Optik of Nuremberg, Germany has been making optical
equipment since 1856. The TBG 80 is, as advertised 100% German made
optics imported into the US by IOR Valdata Optics. Sniper's Hide was
giving a demo unit through Scott Berish of Liberty Optics on loan from
The Spotter

Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Optj-1
Immediately when we received the spotter from Scott we took to using it
on the Range at Rifles Only. As well we used during our Spring Match -
The Sniper's Hide Cup to introduce it to as many shooter as possible.
We do a lot of precision rifle classes in the course of a year, as well
with the match around the corner we felt it was a perfect opportunity
for us to use this spotter in order to put it through its paces.

The TBG 80 is a rather large unit, covered in oil & acid
resistant rubber armoring. It is just shy of 16" long and weighs 3
pounds, so it's a big unit with an 80mm objective. It has a retractable
lens hood and rotating tripod adapter ring on the main body. Below is a
size comparison to my Zeiss 65, so you can how it looks side by side.
Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Opt-2
The reticle

Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Optret1
The design of the reticle we really like. It built into a 30X eye piece
that is labeled as their wide view to take advantage of the 80mm
objective. Its not your standard crosshair type reticle that is found
in your rifle scope, however it is the same as it is mil based. In the
application for this spotter we found the reticle was well designed to
help spot impacts without obstructing the target. For those familiar it
is very similar to the Zeiss Spotter 60 reticle, although much thicker
in size. The reticle itself is broken up into .5 Mil hash marks and it
first referenced at the 5 Mil mark continuing on to 10 Mils either side
of center. The long side of the L moving down goes 15 Mils. Which give
the shooter a wide reticle in which to work.
Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Opt-3
Glass and Coatings, the Optolyth is their High Definition Ceralin
plus multi-coated lens. It is a wide band multi-coating designed to
give the user optimal performance with sharp natural coloring.
On the Range

Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Opt-8
As I stated earlier, we immediately started working down here at
Rifles Only with the TBG 80, and found it very useful to work behind.
The reticle was the shining feature of the scope, although we would
like to have it in something with a little less magnification. We all
felt that the combination of 80mm objective and 30X was a little too
much to worth with in the bright South Texas sun. It worked well, but
we found the mirage hard on the scope. I think in lesser conditions the
spotter would perform better, but a clear hot day, it was tough to use
at time. In lower light it appears to shine more than midday.
Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Optj-7
During the match we had lot of hands on the unit and while some gave
the spotter high marks for having a reticle, other felt it was too big
to carry around in a tactical situation. It was a valid concern. At the
same time we were working with the TBG 80 we also had a Zeiss Spotter
60 on side and it quickly over shadowed the Optolyth, which considering
the price of the Spotter 60 may not be much, however the Optolyth is
not a bargain spotter by any means and is actually more expensive than
the Zeiss 65 w/ their mil dot eye piece. In my opinion having used the
Zeiss 65 w/Mil Reticle since they first appeared in the US, I have to
say the Optolyth is a far second place to the Zeiss sport optic. Even
though the TBG 80 is armored, the Zeiss is a better buy.
I personally found the eye relief to be a little tough, It seemed
you had to be right on top of it in order to get a good picture. As
well I also thought the eye piece cover was tough to screw on and off
as the threads didn't appear to be well cut into the plastic.
Overall, it's not a bad spotter, however I feel the price tag puts
it away from the recommended list when you consider what you can buy
for the same money. Overall it gets plus points for incorporating the
reticle, however it loses those points when you consider the size and
weight of the optic and the picture quality in bright but less than
perfect light conditions. In hot harsh environments its a bit diffused.

For more information please contact:
Scott Berish
Liberty Optics LLC
An Official Vendor of Sniper's Hide.
"See Better, Shoot Better"
If no answer 352-572-1469
IOR Valdada Optics
6685 W Ken Caryl Ave
Littleton CO 80128

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Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle Empty Re: Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle

Message par 1clickdown le Jeu 16 Juil 2009 - 23:10

Wow, il y a même un 60x 100

Optolyth Optik TBG 80 w/ Mil Reticle T_30-60x100

Magnification 30-60x
Objective diameter 100mm
Minimum Focus 20 ft. - Infinity
Eye Relief 20mm
Length 15.75 inches
Weight 85 oz



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