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Nouvelle STEINER X5i

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Nouvelle STEINER X5i Empty Nouvelle STEINER X5i

Message par julien Lun 9 Juin 2014 - 15:40

Nouvelle Steiner X5i

une page de review sur SniperHide

une vue du nouveau système de tourelle très innovent

et une visite chez le fabricant

A des prix annoncées !!

The new Steiner T5Xi Rifle Scopes were introduced this past weekend at the Sniper's Hide Cup. The reception was overwhelming and giving the rest of you a chance to see what they are all about is in order.

We spent a great deal of time talking with people such as yourself to find out what you wanted, what you liked, what you don't like to come up with our new scope line. Below is the end result. 

My apologies for the impromptu photos. What you are seeing below is the 3x-15x50mm version only. I will post pictures of the 5x-25x56mm tomorrow. It looks exactly the same only longer.

Nouvelle STEINER X5i 20140526_131224

Nouvelle STEINER X5i 20140526_131303

Nouvelle STEINER X5i 20140522_144420

- Same optical platform as the German made M5Xi scopes (5x-25x and 3x-15x scopes)
- Same glass and coatings as the German made M5Xi scopes (optical performance is the same)
- Designed, machined, and assembled in the USA
- Lower profile knobs
- Foolproof second rotation indicator
- Improved click engagement (more tactile)
- Lighter weight (specs to follow shortly)
- Shorter length (on the 3x-15x, 5x-25x is the same length)
- Built in adapters for Tenebraex lens covers 
- Magnification numbers view-able from behind the scope
- Locking diopter
- Easy set zero stop
- Removable turret cap
- Right and Left easily identifiable on windage
- Hard disconnect off for illumination (no battery drain)
- User enable/disable auto-off illumination
- Large illumination area on the reticle

A few specs. I know everyone will want to know length and weight and I will post that information when it becomes available to me. They aren't heavy by any means but I will get you the specs.

- 34mm tube
- Side P/A
- P/A adjustable down to 20 meters on 3x-15x
- 12 mils per roation
- 2 full rotations


- Length: 12.9 inches
- Weight: 25.6 oz.


- Length: 16.6 inches
- Weight: 

Comparison shots with the M5Xi 3x-15x scope

Nouvelle STEINER X5i 20140526_115147

Nouvelle STEINER X5i 20140526_115446

In addition to the new scope we also have a new reticle called the SCR (Special Competition Reticle) that was designed through a collaboration of in-house product managers and several of our competition shooters as well as shooters not associated with Steiner. We owe a huge thank you to all of them for their time and hard work. 

Rather than go through too much about it I will just post these pictures and answer questions about it as they come up. 

Low Magnification


Medium Magnification


High Magnification


Target Retail (Street Price) - These are subject to change but look to be spot on at the moment. I don't anticipate these to vary much if at all from now until actual delivery.


1x-5x24mm Rapid Dot 556: $1299
1x-5x24mm Rapid Dot 762: $1299

3x-15x50mm SCR: $1699

5x-25x56mm SCR: $1899

We are hoping to have the MSR reticle with a thinner floating cross available as well

On the shelf delivery date is targeted for September 2014

Short video to show the new turret system. Notice the tactile clicks

Steiner T5Xi Turret System - YouTube

A bit about the turret system. The entire rotation indicator assembly is located inside of the cap itself and is completely sealed. Nothing gets in there including dirt, moisture, or dust. If for whatever reason you have an issue with the turret you simply replace the entire assembly by loosening the 2 set screws that you would normally use to set the zero stop. Another nice feature is it allows you to change your turret without having to re-zero. If you take it off at the 4.3 mils mark for example then simply replace it at the 4.3 mils mark and you are good to go. Removing the turret is no longer an issue at all. 

Feel free to post your questions and we will answer them as best we can as quickly as we can.

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Nouvelle STEINER X5i Empty Re: Nouvelle STEINER X5i

Message par hitman Lun 9 Juin 2014 - 16:19

Si la qualité est vraiment la même que  la version européenne le rapport qualité/prix est imbattable !!
J'aime bien le réticule aussi !
Mais bon ça va encore nous revenir a un prix pas possible une fois vendu en France !

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Nouvelle STEINER X5i Empty Re: Nouvelle STEINER X5i

Message par marcelcerdan13 Lun 9 Juin 2014 - 17:07

Les tourelles c'est assez génial. Tellement évident et lisible.

Quid de la qualité optique ? Julien tu en avais et il me semble que tu ne les as pas gardées ?


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Nouvelle STEINER X5i Empty Re: Nouvelle STEINER X5i

Message par STARIK Lun 7 Juil 2014 - 13:04

M5xi est tout simplement la désignation de Burris sur le marché américain de la série Military des Scopes fabriqué en Allemagne avec la seule différence que les américains souhaitent avoir le tourrelleau d’élévation dans le sens inverse des aiguilles d’une montre. Cette version n’existe que sur le marché US bien sûr.

Source : Defence & Law Enforcement Division

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Nouvelle STEINER X5i Empty Re: Nouvelle STEINER X5i

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